5 Futuristic Camping Gear Innovations

Innovative thinking in the camping gear industry has produced some pretty exciting new choices for people looking to add an element of futurosity to their next outdoor camping or hiking expedition.

0:03 – Siesta4 Tent – https://www.facebook.com/outbacklogic
1:46 – BioLite BaseCamp – http://www.biolitestove.com/
4:43 – Tentsile – http://www.tentsile.com/
5:47 – Cinch – http://www.cinchpopuptents.co.uk/
8:41 – O2Tech Lantern – http://www.o2tech.co/

Ladies and gentleman, the TIME is NOW! Let us return to the outdoors! …with our tech gadgets!

Did you enjoy this presentation of futuristic camping gear? Then pack your bags! We're hitting the trail, nature boy! 😀

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