DISNEY’S BLIZZARD BEACH WATERPARK Family Raft Worlds Longest WaterSlide Best Vacation Kids Review

DISNEY'S BLIZZARD BEACH WATERPARK Family Raft Worlds Longest WaterSlide Awesome WaterSlides for Kids & Teens plus so much fun for the whole family – arguably the Best Vacation Ever for Kids and the best waterpark for kids review by Hailey's Magical Playhouse. In this kids vacation video special, Hailey puts on a super cute Disney Princess swim suit and brings along her daddy to Disney's Blizzard Beach to slide down waterslides, ride rafts down slides, cruise along the lazy river, swim like a cute little mermaid, and plummet down the longest waterslide for families that fits up to 6 kids, teens, parents, or adults. Blizzard Beach Water Park has some of the worlds longest waterslides, worlds tallest water slides, and worlds fastest water slides for older kids, teens, parents, and adults. Teamboat Springs Family Whitewater Raft Ride is one of the Worlds Longest WaterSlides for a family or friends up to 6 to ride on and amazingly has no height restrictions (However, a child must be able to reach and hold the hand straps on their own). Hailey loved the RunOff Rapids WhiteWater raft waterslide that allows single riders or a parent plus child or two kids on its two person rider. It's very long with twists and turns along with nice speed making it so much fun for kids and even parents, teens, or adults. The fun didn't stop there though. Hailey challenged her daddy to a Toboggan race on the huge waterslide Toboggan Racers.

This was one of the best waterparks we've ever visited and has plenty for the whole family – a safe baby and toddler play area with some very small and medium water slides perfect for young children. A medium sized raft water slide, waterslide, and junglegym pool play area for preschoolers and preteens. Plus on top of Mt. Gushmore there is plenty for preteens, teens, and even adults with Summit Plummet (One of the worlds tallest waterslides and one of the worlds fastest water slides) – Downhill Double Dipper – Slush Gusher and other fast water slides that may even scare the bravest of teens and parents. Disney did a great job and all in all Disney's Blizzard Beach is one of the best vacation waterparks for the whole family during the summer or even during the fall since Florida does not get very cold and has Summer or Spring weather nearly year-round.

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